Explore 12th Biology Practical Book: A Comprehensive Guide

In-depth knowledge of Biology helps one understand the living world and the various factors related to the evolution or extinction of species. Also, the subject helps students fulfil their dream of becoming professional researchers, bringing new hope to life.

The 12th Biology Practical Book for the ISC board is a workbook for students with all the ISC curricula. You will find multiple exercises, detailed explanations of each topic and safety measures one needs to take in the lab. Together, these make for a comprehensive guide in the long run. 

About ISC Biology Practical Book

Manoj K Saxena and S.C Tripathi write the ISC Biology practical book for Class 12. On the publishing part, Shri Balaji Publications publish it. Available in simple English, the book makes it easy for students to continue with the various Biology experiments in the lab.

The most striking feature is the detailed lab-specific guidelines provided in the book. That will help you with solid precautions for handling the various equipment and chemicals in the lab without harming yourself. 

Why Must Students Refer to ISC Biology Practical Book?

All the parts explain why you need to get the ISC Biology Practical Book. 

Step-by-step Guide On Experiments

The 12th Biology Practical Book for the ISC board comes loaded with step-by-step guidelines on performing various experiments in Biology. It explains all the concepts thoroughly, ensuring proper convenience.

ISC Curriculum-Based Practical Exercises

The workbook covers all the topics enlisted per the latest ISC curriculum, making it easy for students to be thorough with the concepts explained in the class. From simple to complex lab exercises, it has them all. 

Detailed Safety Guidelines 

The workbook offers guidelines on handling equipment and chemicals safely in the lab, making it easy for every student to perform practicals without harming themselves or their partner in the lab. 

Chapters Covered In The ISC Biology Practical Book

Here is a list of the most important chapters covered in the workbook:


You get to learn about the proper use of a microscope in the lab setup. The book comes with detailed explanations in the form of illustrative diagrams, making it easy to follow all the required steps one after the other.  


Class 12 Biology practicals introduce students to the various groups of genes involved in diseases and health. In the workbook, you will find detailed elaborations on each concept and how to apply them in the lab setup. 


Ecology studies various organisms and how they interact with others around them. For aspiring ecologists, this book is of great help. Wondering why? Here, you will find multiple illustrations, diagrams, and photographs, which makes it easy to understand the interactional phases of each organism and the theories behind them.  


Evolution is an intrinsic part of humanity, with new species evolving daily and existing ones moving towards extinction or trying to habituate themselves to the changing environment. Researchers keep experimenting with various cell types and gene prototypes in the laboratory. For aspiring researchers like you, this book comes in handy with various step-by-step guidelines, making things simple.


The ISC Biology Practical Workbook Class 12 by Balaji Publications has a paperback style and simple English explanations. Abiding by the guidelines in the same makes it easy and fully safe for students to complete their assignments in the lab. 

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