LED strip lights produced locally for exportation to other countries and energy conservation






LED strip lights: Light Emitting Diode or simply LED strip lights are new generation strip lights that are emerging as an efficient source of lighting. Some LED Strip Lights manufacturer in India have come up with products that are affordable and of good quality that have potential in export markets and at the same time satisfying the domestic market.


Here is a list of advantages that make LED strip lights preferred by individuals and businesses alike.


LED strip lights offer several benefits over traditional lighting:LED strip lights offer several benefits over traditional lighting:


Energy Efficient


LED strips are seven times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and five to six times more efficient than CFL bulbs in terms of energy consumption. This makes them highly energy efficient and it also contributes to the cutting down of electricity costs to a large extent.


Long Lasting


The normal life expectancy of an LED strip light is around fifty thousand hours, while that of a traditional incandescent bulb is one thousand to two thousand hours and that of a CFL bulb is eight thousand hours. LED strips also have a long functioning life cycle, which means that replacements are only required after an incredibly long time.


Flexible and Versatile  


LED strips are available in rolls to be trimmed for size depending on the needs of the user. They are portable, thin, water proof and easily to install in different indoor and outdoor applications.




LED strips lights are environmentally friendly because they do not harbour toxic compounds like mercury. They are also easily recyclable and reduce pollution related to waste which results from the use of lighting products.


Domestic Manufacturing Picking Up


The local Indian market for LED strip lights was initially dependent mainly on imports from China. But the current situation sees many Indian manufacturers bring affordable and high grade LED strips through sophisticated technology and manpower.  


Executive Summary: this paper seeks to analyse how government can support the promotion of domestic production in an economy.


The state-specific policies and schemes of the Indian government such as Make in India, Startup India as well as defence corridor projects are supporting local players to set up manufacturing facilities for LED lights. Availability of raw materials also facilitates the vertically integrated production of some of the parts such as heat sinks and integrated circuits as well.


Exports to Increase


As the capacities and capabilities are increasing they are preparing for more exports from India LED Strip light makers. Southeast Asia, Middle-Eastern and African nations are considered to be prominent export markets for manufactured goods exported by India. Exports of raw materials and components or spare also presents good prospects apart from finished products.


Direct Benefits of Purchase of LED Strips Manufactured in the Domestic Market</h2>


For Indian consumers, buying LED strip lights made by domestic producers compared to imported ones gives additional advantages like:For Indian consumers, buying LED strip lights made by domestic producers compared to imported ones gives additional advantages like:  


Lower Prices


These include removing import duties and streamlining costs of procuring supplies from across the globe, which also makes locally produced LED strips cheaper compared to the more affordable ones.


Product Support


Sales service and other replacements can be quickly done if the consumer can directly approach this vendor from India.  


Customized Offerings


Current LED strip light manufacturers India can design lights according to actual Indian conditions; for instance, to make the lights operate on a 230V electricity supply.




Altogether, it is clear that the LED strip lights segment is now experiencing a high growth rate in exports, and at the same time, the segment serves the domestic users in India with affordable prices and proper tailored products. Policies in India have been favourable towards LED manufacturing and local industries have improved their manufacturing capabilities, which provides India a strong platform to become a world class manufacturer and exporter of energy efficient and high quality LED strip lighting. Embracing of Indigenously developed LED strip lights within India and exportation fosters not only the economical development but also bring about quick adoption of sustainable lighting practices globally.


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